DIY Spikey Headband

1. Tools and materials: Spikes, leather piece, pen, ruler, scissors,  puncher

2 & 3. Draw the lines on the leather sheet and cut two straps out.

4 & 5. Draw the measurement where you want the spikes to be. Mine is 1inch apart from one another.

6. Punch the holes according to the marks.

7. Screw the spikes into their holes and glue the straps together with a strand of ribbon in the middle, the suede part will be inside because you don’t want to mess your hair.

8. Before the glue dries, wear the headband to adjust the shape and flatten out any rolls appear. Tie it tight.

*I would suggest sewing the leather together with an elastic band instead of ribbon and glue. Still, wear it and adjust the shape.

OR you can simply paste the leather on top of a plain plastic headband. In this case, you wouldn’t need the second strap.

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